GCh BIS BISS Kelso's Moon Dancin' RE HSAs VA ROM-P "Prince Phillip"

4 All Breed Best In Show
Over 50 Herding Group #1's
Numerous BISS
Best American Bred CCA 2005
Top 20 Herding Breed 2008-2009
Reserve High In Trial for 1st Herding Started Sheep
Best of Breed Westminster Kennel Club 2007, 2011
BOS Westminster KC 2008, 2009, 2010


Sired by Prince Phillip:
Ch Kelso-Millknock Smoochin'Under The Moonlight
Ch Kelso's Sweet Talkin'On The Moon

Ch Kelso's Livin' Large
Ch Bonleigh's Dancin' On The Moon
Ch Overland Blue Moon Rising
Ch Travler's Life In The Fast Lane
Ch Wynhaven's Moon Shadow BN RN HSAds HSBd AX AXJ OF OJP VCX VX
Ch Wynhaven's Just Do It CD RA HXAds HIBd AX AXJ XF NJP VCX VX
Ch Wynhaven's Blackjack VCD3 BN RE HSAd MXP MJP XFP T2BP VX
CH Wynhaven's Moonstruck BN RN HT
Ch Kelso's Celestial Gold CDX GN RA AX OAJ
CH Branestorm Unforgettable PT OA OAJ MXP2 MJP2 MJPB CGC
MACH4 Branestorm Second Tri PT MXC MJB2 NAP NJP CGC
Kelso's Catch The Moon HSAds AXP AJP
Kelso's Lightnin' Bolt To The Moon PT, major ptd
Kelso's New Moon Rising CDX BN GN RN HSAs AX MXJ
Sunnyside Kelso's Moonstruck For Ewe RN HSAs
Mountainside Beulah Land CD BN RN HSAs MXP MJP OFP THD
Boonehaven Evanti's Summer Love IT


CH Kelso's Takin' The High Road "Pele"
(GCh Gateside Kiss The Sky At Greyfriar x Kelso's Overland Dancin' Doll)

Handled exclusively by Junior Handler/Owner: Joan Kelso


BISS CH Signet-Kelso's Comedy Central "Eddie Murphy"
co-own/co-bred w/Signet Collies

American Bred Class Winner CCA 2006
Stud Dog Class CCA 2009, 2nd Place


Sired by Eddie Murphy:
Ch Signet's Luxury Dream
Ch Delgayla Macho Jones Boy
Ch Jil Cris Enchanter's Hot Stuff
Ch Gael's Maisey Macallan
DC Misty Morn Silver Screen RE HXAds MX AXJ
Ch Misty Morn Medicine Man
Ch Misty Morn The Chief NA NAJ OAP OJP
Ch Misty Morn Tedjoi Geronimo
Ch Misty Morn Bryn D'Amour CD RAE
Ch Misty Morn Standing Stones CD RN PT

Joan holding Prince Phillip